What Makes Pirate Land Online Unique?

Pirate Land is developed with three-dimensional graphics and skill-focused gameplay, providing players a playground to compete with each other internationally and earn rewards.

Pirate Land Online is created by an experienced team on technology and video games. Pirate Land Online sets the goal to become a Decentralized Automated Organization where the community plays a central government role.

Renting is one of the exciting and vital functions in the game, making the game accessible to many people as well as one of the ways to help players make a profit in the game.

Players can rent ships for more profit. If a player cannot afford a ship, they can rent a ship from a player that owns many ships. In this way, those who rent ships and those who have their ships rent can both have fun joining battles on the sea and making a profit.

Pirate Land Online offers a game mode that can satisfactorily resolve this matter for those who cannot afford to spend hours playing games. Treasure Hunter mode helps players maximize their time. Players can have their Pirate ships enter this mode and find valuable items, allowing players to profit even if they are offline. However, ships that hunt for treasure in this mode cannot be used for a certain time period. So, players who own more than two ships can earn much more profit. Moreover, ships with high levels and rarity will have a higher chance of winning and finding valuable items.

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