With one ship carrying out daily quests, the others can go into PvP battles and find treasures and other valuable items. However, the player can change ships during the quests and other modes. All players will start at Freeman Island. This is also the starting point of quests and the gathering point for the workshops and shops.
All ships are tradable on the game's marketplace.

Ship parts

Includes helm, cannon, sail, hull. These parts can be collected during the game's quests and other modes.
These items can be obtained during the game. The rarity of the equipment will be divided into 7 levels. Players must have a ship with equal rarity or higher than the item's rarity to use that item. Each NFTs can be sold on the marketplace.
  • Helm: Changing direction's speed
  • Cannon: Attack Power
  • Sail: Movement speed
  • Hull: Durability of the boat

Ships type

The ships built by the four Kingdoms will have different characteristics and unique skill sets
Southern Kingdom: Ships from the South are built with remarkable speed. With this characteristic, it is an excellent fit for adventures and plays the role of the navigator of every battle.
Northern Kingdom: With great destructive power, this type of ship causes severe damage in combat. It is suitable for players with a solid inclination to attack, vital for victory.
Western Kingdom: Western ships are equipped with firm and steel parts that execute powers of endurance to withstand any significant damage. Ships from the Western Kingdom will act as a strong shield for those who choose them.
Eastern Kingdom: Their ships are not too prominent in any aspect, but they are equally balanced, ensuring that you have a fair chance against any opponents.
A different type of ship will have distinguishing features according to the player's preferences and desires. Players can win not only in PvP but also in large-scale battles.
Ship rarity There are seven types of boat associated with seven levels of rarity in the game:
  • Sloop - Common
  • Cog - Uncommon
  • Clipper - Rare
  • Booty - Super Rare
  • Cutclass - Epic
  • Jack Ketch - Legendary
  • Man-O-War – Mythical


Ship upgrades can only happen after all of the ship's parts have been upgraded and are of the same level. The upgrade rate will have an absolute success rate.


Renting is one of the interesting and important functions in the game, making the game accessible to many people as well as one of the ways to help players make profit in the game.
Players can rent ships for more profit. If a player cannot afford a ship, they can rent a ship from a player that owns many ships. By this way, those who rent ships and those who have their ships rent can both have fun and earn.