Vision and Mission

Inspired by a breakthrough era of global NFT trends and a clear vision of the metaverse, we believe this will bring a breath of fresh air to both players and investors. The game enables players to go on missions, collect NFTs and earn money. Pirate Land Online also focuses on the player's satisfaction. We continuously develop by providing an Open World (Metaverse) with a constantly expanding and infinite map of islands, treasures, and items. We believe that the metaverse is the promising future of gaming. Pirate Land Online will become the game that offers a unique profitable metaverse.

On top of that, Pirate Land will not be limited to a single system that places constraints on the player's ability to earn money. By doing this, the maximum possible access for players will undoubtedly be set to a definite quantity of supply. At the same time, the project will make it easy for players and investors to buy or sell NFTs.

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