What is Pirate Land Online?

Catching up with the rising Metaverse trend, we are developed Pirate Land Online to promote the mass adoption of blockchain in general and the expansion of the Binance Smart Chain.


It is an endless 3D universe combined with many virtual spaces to create an infinite game world. Pirate Land Online believes that creating a game with an extraordinary story, diverse gameplay, and a metaverse game will give players a great experience.


The advent of blockchain has created an opportunity for the game to cherish its players more when each item is owned by the player, and they can sell those NFTs on the game's Marketplace for profit. Pirate Land Online hereby affirms that every NFT in the game is owned by the player and under the player's control and can be sold on the Marketplace. Owning NFTs with higher and rarer levels helps bring more profits to players!


Different from the NFT games available on the market. Pirate Land Online declares that the player's skill will be an essential factor in battles. Through being an RPG game, the initiative in combat is entirely yours.


Almost every item in the game is created by players, from materials found by players. They will become players’ own unique assets which can be very valuable, and players can buy or sell NFT-items in the in-game market.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Furthermore, we aim to create a Pirate Land self-governed community. This will be ruled by you - players and investors in the virtual world, based on the real one, implemented with the Decentralized Automated Organization. (Decentralized Autonomous Organization - DAO) Pirate Land Online truly believes that the community will be the focus of the game and the project's development deciders.