Pirate Land Online

Pirate Land Online is a profitable NFT multiplayer role-playing game built on Binance Smart Chain. Inspired by the Pirate culture, the team concentrates on creating a combination of NFT gaming and Metaverse, where users can have fun and earn simultaneously. The upcoming Pirate Metaverse consists of a pirate-themed multiplayer role-playing game with highly skill-required gameplay, an NFT marketplace, and NFT collectibles. Immersing into the Pirate World, players will be able to sail a pirate ship, battle other Pirates, claim rewards, own Metalands, and trade NFT pirate ships on Pirate Land’s Marketplace. The game will offer a variety of game modes such as daily missions, PvP, Treasure Hunter. Players can experience all of these different modes in the game. Weekly and monthly events will also be held to provide players with a more diverse experience in the Pirate Metaverse.
Building sophisticated Pirate ships represented in three-dimensional and AR technology graphics, Pirate Land’s creators aim to provide players unforgettable experiences and an opportunity to have fun and make a profit simultaneously.
Pirate Land’s roadmap target is to hold Ship NFT sale, IDO event, release Marketplace and Staking function in April 2022.